Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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"As Seen on TV" DIY Home Decorating: Furniture Revitalized with Paint

Once again, we put the TV shows to the test. Is it really that easy to transform sturdy, but worn kitchen furniture with a can of paint? Yes! This is DIY home decorating at its easiest.

Paint is one of the best ways to update and refresh not just walls but furniture. A little black paint goes a long way to cover the chipped red paint on this metal-and-glass kitchen set.

The red vinyl seats are also given a whole new look using a staple gun to apply less than $15 worth of quality remnant fabric from a fabric store.

Notice also, the repositioning of the deck furniture. Now it draws the buyer to this outdoor eating area, which mirrors the indoor space.

Kitchen table – Before Staging 

Kitchen table – After Staging 

This is just one of many transformations that helps sell this home in 2 months after staging.

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