Saturday, August 4, 2012

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Worst Real Estate Listing Photos: Caught on Camera II

Today’s home buyer starts his/her search on the Internet.  When selling, make sure that pictures of your home flatter, not fail.

For fun – and awareness – we’ll periodically showcase some of the worst real estate listing photos found on the Web.  In addition, I will add my (slightly sarcastic) impressions, thoughts, and (serious) fixes for these (regretful) listing pictures.

Before staging, this Stratford, CT, home is listed for 5 months.

Hiding Assets

This is the actual listing picture from a vacant home we staged back in 2008. It’s no wonder the owners were having trouble selling.

The best architectural feature in the home – the fireplace – is hidden behind what appears to be garbage. It begs the question, why would the photographer hide this room’s best feature behind clutter?

The Fix

This one is simple – and pretty obvious. Staging with furniture is ideal – and these clients do that as you’ll see below – but even without furniture, here are some simple fixes.
  1. Take a look at the photos during the photo shoot to be sure that there is at least one good picture of each space. Sometimes issues – especially clutter – are more noticeable in photos.
  2. Remove or hide all clutter from the room.
  3. Remove all dead plants. It’s obvious enough that the home is vacant, but we don’t want it to feel neglected too. Dead or dying plants will leave that impression.
  4. While we’re making simple fixes, how about taking down the window treatments – for an updated look – and to reveal the sliding glass doors, natural light and views.

After staging, home sells in first listing week.

What do you think?

Am I being too critical or not critical enough? Add your captions and comments by leaving a reply below.

If you come across an awful but fun listing picture, please email it to me for a future installment of Caught on Camera.  (All submissions will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.)



    This has got to be the worst lineup of photos of a home anywhere. The bedrooms are just awful...with the unmade beds and dirty laundry. Blankets strung for curtains. Please someone help them do something...please...

  2. LOL! Wow, you're not kidding! These folks desperately need some home staging help. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to writing about these lovely pictures soon. ;-)