Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home Seller Tips

Home Staging Savings Calculator

What is the cost of not staging? Now it’s easy to calculate.

Here’s all you need to do…

1. Click this button.

2. Enter your current mortgage amount.

3. Enter all of your current monthly carrying costs (i.e.: taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA dues).

4. Enter the months on market when unstaged – This is the average number of months homes stay on the market in your area (check with your agent to learn that number).

5. Enter the reduction in months when staged – Based on RESA’s most recent study, staged homes sell 73% faster than unstaged. Therefore, multiply the number entered in step 4 by .73 and place that value here.

6. Enter the total staging fees (accessories, rental furniture, stager fee).

7. Click Calculate.

The Results:

Cost to List Unstaged:

This is the amount of money you will be spending – on average – if you do not stage.

Savings When Staged First:

According to the RESA study, if you stage your home before putting it on the market, it is likely to sell 73% faster. Staging first could equate to this amount in savings.

After learning which home repairs pay, reviewing RESA’s Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging, and using the Home Staging Savings Calculator, it’s easy to conclude that it always pays to stage.  

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