Sunday, March 4, 2012

Home Seller Tips

Vertical Blinds – A Love-Hate Relationship

During a recent home staging consultation I was accused of being biased – against vertical blinds. I must admit, I’m guilty as charged!

Donna Freeman from HGTV’s Secrets that Sell and Designed to Sell once said, “If I were President, I would outlaw vertical blinds.” (Now that’s a presidential campaign I could support.)

All of this made me think, How do people feel about vertical blinds?

Just for fun, I decided to find out who loves or hates vertical blinds. And I do believe it is a love-hate relationship. So I Googled, "I hate vertical blinds" and "I love vertical blinds," picking these phrases as the two most extreme emotions. Here's what I found.

Only 4 pages of results are returned for those “loving” vertical blinds, while four times as many pages – 16 in total – are returned for the “haters” of vertical blinds. Or, simply put, 25% love and 75% hate vertical blinds.

Not the most scientific study, but it did give me a better idea to which camp I belonged.

So maybe, if you’ve got older vertical blinds in your home, it’s time to consider if they are adding or taking away from the appeal of your home. Try looking at them with fresh eyes, and ask if they appear dated or new, flat or fresh? Do they showcase the window or are they distracting?

Removing old vertical blinds is like taking off that 70s polyester leisure suit. Easy to do, for little or no cost, and makes your home appeal to a much larger audience of home buyers.

In which “camp” do you belong? Please share your thoughts and feelings – serious or sarcastic – below.

French doors with vertical blinds – The eye is drawn to, and tends to stop at the blinds, as opposed to looking through the window to the large deck and backyard.

Vertical blinds removed – Now the buyer’s eye does not stop at the window treatments, but instead continues out to the deck and yard. (Notice also that a soft sheer replaces the vertical blind on the adjacent picture window.)

Dramatic windows and a great view are hidden by dated vertical blinds.

Show off the views and windows – at no cost – by simply removing the visual barrier.

The best feature in this living room is the large picture window, but dark vertical blinds are a distraction.
A deep, neutral wall color is used to frame the window. Fresh paint is a great investment with a high return.