Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Home Seller, Buyer or Real Estate Pro

Pictured Perfect

See how computer images can reveal the potential in your current – or future – home.

HGTV shows like Hidden Potential, Property Brothers or Curb Appeal are popular because they help buyers and owners visualize a home’s potential through computer-generated drawings.  Now there is a local resource that can do the same – CSbD Associates.

Pictures speed up the sale of a home.

Realtors, have you ever wished your clients could see the potential of a home?

It’s important for home buyers to visualize themselves in a space.  3D sketches and renderings allow buyers to picture a house as their home.

Conceptual renderings also highlight areas of opportunity for buyers looking to keep initial costs low when considering a fixer-upper. 

Pictures help showcase future renovation possibilities.

Home buyers, would you like to know what a home’s hidden potential really is?  Could that almost perfect home be made perfect with the addition of a master suite, for example?

CSbD Associates works with potential buyers to illustrate conceptual home modifications from paint colors to kitchen remodels to full additions and more.  All within a reasonable time frame and budget.

Pictures show the value added with minor or major renovations.

Home owners, have you ever wondered, What would our house look like with a front porch?

Like the TV shows mentioned above, computer-generated graphics can help you visualize that dream home.  It’s rare that a house reflects personal taste and style without some changes or modifications, even if it’s just the exterior paint color or a change of shutters.

Through detailed images CSbD Associates clearly communicates what a remodeled space will look like – inside and out.  Line drawings, full-color renderings, walkthrough animation and 3D drawings allow clients to realize their dream home.

Call Gail Dietz at 914-373-9035 to learn more about CSbD Associates, a design firm based in Westchester County that creates perspectives and colored renderings to aid home owners, buyers and sellers realize a home’s full potential.

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