Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick Tips

Caught on Camera

Today’s home buyer starts his/her search on the Internet.  When selling, ensure pictures of your home flatter, not fail.

For fun – and awareness – we’ll periodically showcase some of the worst real estate listing pictures found on the Web.  In addition, I will add my (slightly sarcastic) impressions, thoughts, and (serious) fixes for these (regretful) listing pictures.

Did you say photograph the Toile bathroom, or the Toilet in the bathroom?

Either way, this image is a failure.  Remember, first impressions start online.  Does this presentation evoke the intended emotions?  Probably not.

Why are they selling?

For financial reasons, of course.  Anyone that cannot afford a toilet paper holder must truly be down on their luck.

All Kidding Aside

Seriously, an image such as this should never make its way onto the Internet especially when the other pictures are elegant and live up to the caliber of this multimillion-dollar home in Bedford, New York.

The Fix
  • Always make sure toilet lids are down – for photographs and showings.
  • Remove unnecessary or personal items from counters.  (Often these items are toothbrushes and used bar soap.  In this case, it also includes the roll of toilet paper.)
  • Why not take the picture from a slightly different angle?  Minimize or eliminate the toilet from the shot and focus on the vanity.
All simple, no cost fixes.

What do you think?

Am I being too critical or not critical enough? Add your captions and comments here.

If you come across an awful but fun listing picture, please email it to me for a future installment of Caught on Camera.  (All submissions will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.)