Monday, August 8, 2011

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The Price is Right

What factors influence the pricing of professional services like home staging?

The following story, found in an article by Dirk Zeller in Realty Times, answers this question well:

A senior executive is having problems with his computer. He calls in the technology expert to fix his problem. The technology expert looks at the computer diagnostically for a few minutes. He then reaches into his briefcase for a small hammer; he taps on the computer three times, and it is fixed. He then hands a bill to the senior executive for $500.

The executive says, “I won’t pay this; you were only here five minutes. That’s outrageous! I want you to itemize this bill.” The technology expert itemizes the bill. It now reads: “Two dollars for tapping on the computer and $498 for knowing where to tap!”
Moral of the story? The author surmises that anyone can buy a hammer, and most can even use one, but only an expert knows exactly where to tap to deliver the service and value on which their customers rely.

In the case of home staging, a valuable professional has a proven record of delivering the greatest return on investment for her client by quickly and economically decorating a home to sell.

Below is a recent example of agents successfully encouraging their Heritage Hills client to stage. Less than 3 weeks after listing, 4 offers are received. With the agent’s reimbursement of the initial consultation at closing, the home seller’s investment is just $250.

Gone is the TV, replaced by a comfy sitting area, created with an overstuffed chair borrowed from the living room. Gone also is a desk – donated to charity – and replaced with the owner’s rocking chair. Additional decluttering and new furniture arrangement turn this master bedroom into a welcoming retreat for zero dollars.

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