Friday, July 8, 2011

Home Seller Tips

Empty Nesters Go Back in Time to Hasten Home Sales

Many home sellers are empty nesters, or nearly empty nesters. And many times bedrooms that were formerly children’s rooms are either vacant, no longer being used as bedrooms, or still contain the remnants of a young adult.

In order to sell a family home, it is best to decorate to appeal to the potential buyer.

Will the buyer have young children? How old will they most likely be? Should a room be taken from teenager to toddler? Will it pay off?

Yes! And it has so many times. Here’s an example of a grown child – almost moved out – willing to go back in time to help Mom and Dad sell the family home.

A little girl’s room is created using the owner’s Disney themed artwork and accessories. At the time of staging, only the bed remains, tucked into a corner of this spacious room. Dresser is borrowed from adjacent bedroom and a night table is found in the hall. No-cost staging really shows off the size of this room while appealing to young children.

Below is another example of how it is not uncommon for stagers to “invent” children to help sell in a family neighborhood. The owner’s son is grown and moved on, but the buyers don’t need to know.

Can you hear it now? The young children of potential buyers saying, “I want this to be my room, Mommy.” How can a buyer resist?

Prior to staging, only a desk, chair and boxes remain. The existing hockey stick window treatments inspire a sports theme. Related artwork is found in storage. Dark navy ¾ panels are removed and just the valance remains. Coordinating side table is found in adjacent room, and the bed is brought up from the basement. The only item purchased – navy blue bed sheets.

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