Saturday, March 26, 2011

For the Real Estate Professional

The Perfect Closing Gift™

“The gift they will always remember from the Realtor they will never forget.”

I recently attended a real estate trade show, where I had the fortune of being located next to the creators of a very unique and clever product.

Throughout the day, I couldn’t help but see how much interest this item received from the hundreds of real estate professionals in attendance.

I feel their website describes their product and purpose best:

The purchase and sale of a home is an emotion-filled lifetime event that deserves to be commemorated. What more delightful closing gift could you give your buyer or seller than a watercolor imaged photo of their new or former home? The nominal cost of such a gift belies its value as a treasured keepsake of a lifetime memory.

Make a lasting impression on your clients by giving them a gift that will remind them of their home, and of you, every time they see it.
A great idea from a retired Realtor for Realtors.

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