Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Seller Tips

Name that Room

Child’s bedroom reclaimed for intended purpose at minimal cost.

As a general rule, a home with four bedrooms should have at least three staged as bedrooms. The fourth can be staged as an office, gym, or hobby room.

In this home, the third bedroom is already being used as an office. The fourth as an exercise space (shown below). It’s necessary to convert one back to its intended purpose. The owners prioritize their needs and choose to convert the gym.

Even though this couple’s children are grown and gone, the home owner has fun turning the room into a little girl’s room. Why? Because potential buyers will most likely have young children.

Staging this room as a little girl’s room makes it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves living here. Most items are found in other areas of the home, or taken from storage, for a transformation at minimal expense.



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