Saturday, September 11, 2010

For the Real Estate Professional

Who Pays for Home Staging?

A good question often asked by Realtors. Here are 3 simple options.

Option 1 – Home Seller Pays

Ideally, home sellers will see the value of staging their home and pay for it themselves. According to HomeGain’s 2009 survey, the rate of return for home staging is 583% on an investment as small as $500. As this shows, sellers have the most to gain.

Option 2 – Real Estate Agent Pays

Another option is for the Realtor to pay for an initial 2-hour consultation. Let your client know this is your gift to them, a gift that should bring a quicker sale resulting in a higher sale price.

Option 3- Real Estate Agent Reimburses at Closing

And finally, here's an option that combines one and two. Ask the client to pay upfront, but offer to reimburse an agreed amount at closing. For example, reimburse for an initial 2-hour consultation. It is then at the home seller’s discretion to pay for any additional time.

This option offers the least risk and protects the Realtor in the case clients take the home off the market, do not implement the recommended changes, or insist on listing the home at too high a price.

The Choice is Yours

Each client is unique and you’ll decide which option works best. The goal is to help all clients sell quickly, and for the best price, by consistently incorporating staging into your marketing plan.

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