Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Seller Tips

Home Staging Creates
“Free” Flowing Spaces
that Bring in Big Offers

You do not have to buy or rent all new furniture and accessories to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Even if your furniture is 50 years old – as shown below – have no fear. Furniture placement, to show off a home’s best features, is what really counts.

After 3 months on the market, staging sells this home in 1 week.

This space is transformed in less than an hour using only the room’s current contents. Accessories are limited to just a few large and dramatic pieces. Window treatments are streamlined and modernized by removing sheers and tie-backs.

Finally, three distinct areas are created in this long living room: an intimate sitting space for two tucked into the bay window, a welcoming entertainment area for family and friends, and a functional work zone.

Buyers no longer wonder where they will put their furniture. The room feels warm, inviting and natural. It flows – and it is all done for free.

What’s old is new again in this no cost 1-hour whole-room redesign.

Whether you are selling or staying, you probably already have the elements for a warm, cozy and inviting home. It’s just a matter of the best furniture placement to create the desired flow.



Staging reveals this home’s potential for a quick sale.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

For the Real Estate Professional

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Stagers and Realtors combine forces to sell homes quickly and for top dollar.

The part of the “good cop” will be played by you, the Realtor.

Your role is straightforward. Ensure your clients recognize that:

• Realtors are experts in marketing homes to sell

• Home staging is one of the most powerful marketing tools

• Professional home staging is an important part of your marketing plan, because staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes.

There’s no longer a need to spend hours telling your sellers to put away their personal photos, eliminate that funky odor emanating from the basement, or to clean those unsightly stains around the tub. No more nervous tiptoeing around these sensitive topics.

And most important, there’s no risk of offending sellers, since you recommend staging to all your clients.

Awkward space transformed into cozy sitting area during consultation.

The part of the “bad cop” will be played by AtWell Staged Home.

AtWell Staged Home advises the seller on everything they can do to sell quickly and for top dollar. This is done with tact and sensitivity, while developing creative solutions for clients to live comfortably in their newly staged home.

Have you ever seen a home that couldn’t benefit from a 2-hour home staging consultation?

Let the home stager be the bad guy. See how much faster a home is transformed to a show home when you bring in the professional services of AtWell Staged Home.