Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Seller Tips

I’m a Believer –
In Home Staging

But I wasn’t always a believer. So what changed that for me and can it convince you too?
Last month, we used science to prove that home staging works. This month I’ll share a personal story of how I became a home staging believer.

Convincing a Home Stager that Home Staging Works

It takes two experiments to convince me staged homes sell faster. My first foray into home staging starts with a friend’s condo. It sells in the first listing week with multiple offers. The market is hot, and I think little of it at the time.

My second foray is more conscious and challenging. Another friend’s house, on the market 9 months, and no sale. The market is beginning to cool, but when the home is originally listed, the market is still hot.

Proof that Even in the Best Markets, Some Homes Won’t Sell “As Is”

This home is transformed for less than 1% of listing price. It sells in 2 months with multiple offers and the beginnings of a bidding war. After, the agent asks to hire me and a year later, AtWell Staged Home opens its doors.

Even with my passion for decorating and staging, I still needed proof home staging works. After two successful staging projects, the home stager finally becomes a true believer.

Secret to Home Staging Success

One final observation regarding the secret to this success. These sellers did not spend a lot of money. The common theme of these, and later successful clients, is effort.

Sweat equity – cleaning, decluttering, rearranging of furniture – is their best investment.

Take a Chance on Home Staging and Win Big

Take this experiment to your home. Consult with AtWell Staged Home on making your home appeal to prospective home buyers. Implement the recommendations. Combine with the right agent and the right price to see how quickly your home sells.

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