Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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AtWell Staged Home: Sure Solutions Sweepstakes Finalist

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AtWell Staged Home recommends SureFit slip covers as a budget friendly solution to quickly revive or update any room.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Seller Tips

I’m a Believer –
In Home Staging

But I wasn’t always a believer. So what changed that for me and can it convince you too?
Last month, we used science to prove that home staging works. This month I’ll share a personal story of how I became a home staging believer.

Convincing a Home Stager that Home Staging Works

It takes two experiments to convince me staged homes sell faster. My first foray into home staging starts with a friend’s condo. It sells in the first listing week with multiple offers. The market is hot, and I think little of it at the time.

My second foray is more conscious and challenging. Another friend’s house, on the market 9 months, and no sale. The market is beginning to cool, but when the home is originally listed, the market is still hot.

Proof that Even in the Best Markets, Some Homes Won’t Sell “As Is”

This home is transformed for less than 1% of listing price. It sells in 2 months with multiple offers and the beginnings of a bidding war. After, the agent asks to hire me and a year later, AtWell Staged Home opens its doors.

Even with my passion for decorating and staging, I still needed proof home staging works. After two successful staging projects, the home stager finally becomes a true believer.

Secret to Home Staging Success

One final observation regarding the secret to this success. These sellers did not spend a lot of money. The common theme of these, and later successful clients, is effort.

Sweat equity – cleaning, decluttering, rearranging of furniture – is their best investment.

Take a Chance on Home Staging and Win Big

Take this experiment to your home. Consult with AtWell Staged Home on making your home appeal to prospective home buyers. Implement the recommendations. Combine with the right agent and the right price to see how quickly your home sells.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Real Estate Professional

Two Reasons
Price Reductions Alone
Won’t Sell a House

Do your clients think offering a lower price than the competition will guarantee a quick sale? Are they willing to lose thousands to avoid the work required to fully market their home? If so, remind them how:

Price reductions won’t make buyers fall in love with a property

All buyers have a list of items they want in a home. But, when a buyer really loves a home, they throw out that logical list and buy the property anyway. If all they love is the price, that’s probably not enough to make a sale.

Price reductions won’t make a home move-in ready

Many of today’s buyers are busy two-income families. They don’t have the time or money to do major fix-ups and renovations just to move into their new home.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Focus on Features

AtWell Staged Home compels buyers to see a home’s best architectural features.

This room’s best architectural feature – or focal point – is the picture window. It brings in great amounts of light and shows off the private view. But, before staging the eye is drawn primarily to the beautiful loveseat.

After staging, the eye skips past the furniture to the feature window, newly framed with paint. Buyers are now drawn into the room to view the private backyard. Eliminating the window treatments modernizes the space while saving money.

AtWell Staged Home brings out the best features in a home. We specialize in quick, simple, budget friendly transformations that generate rapid sales.

And, if you’re curious, staging helps sell this home in just 4 days.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Seller Tips

Home Staging Proof

Solid science proves staged homes really do sell faster.

I may have a BA in English, but my passions lie in the sciences and math. After a few years in the business world, my love for logic, evolved into a successful career as a computer scientist.

So when I first heard that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes, it seemed to make sense, but I still wondered, how do they really know?

A Scientific Method for Proving Home Staging Works

In my mind, there’s only one way to prove home staging works. And that’s scientifically. To perform this experiment, we need to take two identical homes. One staged, one unstaged. Everything else being equal – location, price, promotion – see which one sells faster.

Since we know this isn’t really possible, the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and I have a comparable method. Here are the steps:

First, attempt to sell a home unstaged. Wait. If there is no sale, stage it. Wait an equal amount of time, or until the home sells. Finally, compare the results.

RESA Study Proves Staged Homes – Vacant or Occupied – Take 78% Less Time to Sell than Unstaged Homes

RESA’s study compiled data from home stagers around the country. Here’s what they found:

  • Between January and December of 2009, 87 vacant homes are put up for sale. Average days on market with no sale are 277. These same homes are later staged with rental furniture and accessories and sell in 63 days.
  • Similarly, in the same time period, 39 occupied homes are put up for sale. After an average of 233 days, without a sale, they too are staged. After returning to the market they average only 53 days to sell.
Click here to view or download a copy of the complete RESA study.

AtWell Staged Home Confirms RESA Study Findings

In a review of AtWell Staged Home's properties staged during this same time period, once staged, these homes sell 85% faster. Very similar to the RESA study results.

Click here to see how quickly AtWell Staged Home's properties sell.

Never Too Late to Stage

Luckily, most clients stage prior to listing. But, even when they don’t, that’s OK. The data show it’s never too late to stage.

Vacant home staged after 5 months and no sale.
Home sells 1 week after staging is complete.