Monday, December 7, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

Risky Business

Are your sellers receptive to Home Staging? Here’s why it pays to ask – every time.

Six months after listing his home, and no sale, his agent suggests staging. Consistently negative feedback about a few trouble areas is enough to kill any hope of a sale. And even though the client receives all of this feedback they take no action. Hesitant to propose a price reduction, the agent recommends home staging. But are they too late?

When the stager arrives, the seller says in passing, “I don’t know why my agent didn’t suggest this earlier.” Conclusion? The seller is open to home staging – even pays for it himself – takes the advice and makes the necessary changes. This ends well for the seller, but not the agent. At the same time the seller is replacing his carpet, he also replaces his agent.

Don’t risk losing a sale. Find out if your sellers are receptive to home staging. Explain that staged home sells faster and for more money. Repeat this message as home staging is a new concept for most sellers. If the owners appear receptive, schedule a 2-hour home staging consultation with AtWell Staged Home. When home owners stage everyone is rewarded.

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  1. This is an excellent post Susan! You are SO right, agents risk losing clients by not recommending staging. After all, it's in their client's best interest to have a home that shows as well as possible. And why would they want to put ugly photos on their own listings?