Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home Seller Tips

New Year’s Resolution for Your House

If you had to sell your home tomorrow, would you be ready?

You never know when life will change and you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold because of a few neglected home improvements, repairs or upgrades. Be prepared.

This year, and every year, resolve to tackle one home improvement project. Make it a change you will enjoy, but also adds value to your biggest investment, your home.

This is an easy resolution that takes little willpower or sacrifice. It’s not about restrictions, it’s about return on investment.

  • Repairs and maintenance are your top priority. Keep up with minor repairs as they occur and plan ahead for major maintenance and upgrades.

  • Kitchens and baths sell houses. Pay special attention to keeping these spaces current. Paint, light fixtures, hardware and window treatments are easy and inexpensive upgrades.

  • Did you make compromises when purchasing your current home? Now that it’s yours – no more excuses. Fix these trouble areas now.

Sound like too much work? Well, imagine what a potential home buyer will say. Not only are you asking them to pay big bucks for your home, you’re asking them to make the improvements that were too difficult to tackle.

Keep in mind – at a minimum – buyers desire a move-in ready home. No buyer wants to pay top dollar for a project.

Having trouble choosing projects? Professional Home Stagers know which upgrades and improvements add the most value. Schedule a 2-hour consulation to prioritize short and long term goals for your home.

It’s always sad for home stager’s to hear a client say, “I wish I made these changes while I was living here.” Start this year with no regrets.

Budget friendly powder room upgrade with an eye toward resale.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Seller Tips

It All Boyles Down to This:
Looks Count

Remember the Susan Boyle phenomenon last year? What lessons can we learn from this experience? And what does this have to do with selling a home?

Singer Susan Boyle proves that first impressions and looks do count.

If you don’t believe looks and first impressions count, you may want to review this video. Note your thoughts, your initial impressions, the first time you see Susan. Also note audience members and judges reactions. I think the phrase, “Are you serious?” sums it up well.

If Susan Boyle was a house, most people wouldn’t slow down to take a look, let alone wish to go inside. Does it surprise us then that she has “never been given the chance before” to become a star?

We are superficial. Admit it. We believe, what we see, is what we get. All the more reason why we must impress our audience of home buyers the minute they open the door. Few buyers have the ability – or inclination – to look longer and deeper.

What a wonderful surprise to discover this beautiful voice hiding deep inside the out-of-date packaging that is Susan Boyle. Hair, make-up, clothing all make her appear much older. It gives the impression she is not keeping up with the times, and implies she does not care enough to do so.

Does your home’s d├ęcor – its packaging – leave the same impression? Does your home look old, neglected, and leave buyers to believe it is not being well maintained?

How do you unleash the inner beauty in your home? Staging, of course. A professional stager is your home’s personal stylist.

Last year, the Internet, the media, the world, went wild for a singer that proves yet again that looks count. If Ms. Boyle was made over prior to this show, maybe she wouldn’t have waited almost 47 years to become a star. How long until you stage your home into an overnight sensation?

The competition is fierce and your buyers are all “Simons”. Showcase your space now and give it the chance it deserves.

Monday, December 7, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

Risky Business

Are your sellers receptive to Home Staging? Here’s why it pays to ask – every time.

Six months after listing his home, and no sale, his agent suggests staging. Consistently negative feedback about a few trouble areas is enough to kill any hope of a sale. And even though the client receives all of this feedback they take no action. Hesitant to propose a price reduction, the agent recommends home staging. But are they too late?

When the stager arrives, the seller says in passing, “I don’t know why my agent didn’t suggest this earlier.” Conclusion? The seller is open to home staging – even pays for it himself – takes the advice and makes the necessary changes. This ends well for the seller, but not the agent. At the same time the seller is replacing his carpet, he also replaces his agent.

Don’t risk losing a sale. Find out if your sellers are receptive to home staging. Explain that staged home sells faster and for more money. Repeat this message as home staging is a new concept for most sellers. If the owners appear receptive, schedule a 2-hour home staging consultation with AtWell Staged Home. When home owners stage everyone is rewarded.