Saturday, September 19, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

Scary Story

A potential client asks you, a Realtor, exactly what’s needed to sell. You go through the home, top to bottom, documenting the changes. Later, you review the list with the owner. To your surprise, they make all the recommended modifications.

So what’s so scary? Well, after all your hard work, the seller lists with another agent. Frightening, but true.

This agent performed a complete home staging consultation – taking valuable time and worth hundreds of dollars. Time better spent doing what Realtors do best – marketing listings, gaining new clients, and selling homes. Avoid this horror. Recommend the home seller to a professional home stager. Someone dedicated to selling homes fast and for top dollar.

Do you have any real estate horror stories? Please feel free to share them here at my blog or through email. Your story could be the inspiration for a future article.

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