Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home Seller Tips

When a Stager Calls

Afraid to stage? You’re not alone. Here are 5 common home staging fears debunked.

I’m afraid it’s too late to stage.
    In this tough market, your home needs to be the best to stand out from the rest. Even if your home has been on the market for months, it’s never too late to stage.

I’m afraid staging won’t work.
    Staged homes really do sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes. Here are just two recent examples. A home previously on the market 14 months sold 4 days after staging for just 3% below asking price. Another home staged prior to going on the market sold in 5 days with multiple competitive offers. (See Success Stories & Testimonials above for more examples.)

I’m afraid staging is too expensive.
    Stagers understand you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a home you are selling. Home stagers are experts at redesign – the art of using what you already have to decorate. (To learn more about your potential return on investment, read Put Stock in Staging.)

I’m afraid I won’t have time to fix up my home before the stager arrives.
    Would you lose weight before joining a gym? Probably not. Once you decide to sell your home, contact a stager. Working together, you will establish a staging plan that fits your time frame, budget, and skill set.

I’m afraid I won’t like the changes the stager makes.
    This is unlikely if you’ve researched the home stager and viewed examples of their work. Keep in mind she is decorating for mass appeal and not for your – or even her own – personal taste.

The idea of someone – a stranger – coming through your home and critiquing every inch might be a little scary. But have no fear. A home stager is not critiquing your personal style or taste; she is making your home the most desirable to the widest audience possible.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

Scary Story

A potential client asks you, a Realtor, exactly what’s needed to sell. You go through the home, top to bottom, documenting the changes. Later, you review the list with the owner. To your surprise, they make all the recommended modifications.

So what’s so scary? Well, after all your hard work, the seller lists with another agent. Frightening, but true.

This agent performed a complete home staging consultation – taking valuable time and worth hundreds of dollars. Time better spent doing what Realtors do best – marketing listings, gaining new clients, and selling homes. Avoid this horror. Recommend the home seller to a professional home stager. Someone dedicated to selling homes fast and for top dollar.

Do you have any real estate horror stories? Please feel free to share them here at my blog or through email. Your story could be the inspiration for a future article.