Saturday, May 30, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

What Drives Staging?

Is it inspiration or desperation?

Tony Robbins in Personal Power! explains that people are driven to action by inspiration or desperation. When your clients are considering home staging are they inspired or desperate?

  • The inspired client has not yet put their home on the market. If a seller asks about staging, this is a good time to explain the benefits. Encourage today’s seller to have the best property right from the start.

  • The desperate client’s home is lingering on the market with no offers, low offers, or just no showings. My experience is that the desperate seller – once committed to home staging – puts in the most effort. These sellers also gain the greatest financial rewards.
Inspired or desperate, these are the clients that are most likely to implement a home stager’s plan, to sell fast and avoid costly price reductions.

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