Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Seller Tips

Put Stock in Staging

Where can you make a 343% return – or save $10,000 – on an investment of just $500?

Today’s new math is called home staging.

According to HomeGain’s 2007 Prepare-to-Sell national survey of over 2,000 real estate agents nationwide, the return on investment for staging a home to sell is as much as 343% on a typical investment of just $500.

Making a home “lighter and brighter” and “cleaning and decluttering” also had rates of return of 355% and 578% respectively. It’s no wonder that 97% of agents surveyed made these recommendations along with 91% who advised sellers to stage.

If those numbers aren’t convincing enough, consider this. In the New York metropolitan area the minimum price reduction, for an average home or condo, would be at least $10,000. How much will that first price reduction take out of your wallet?

Clutter, dirt and darkness eat equity. Don’t gamble. Put stock in staging by decorating your home to sell fast and for top dollar. No matter how you do the math, an investment in home staging is a winning venture.

Monday, March 16, 2009

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Repairs that Pay
Which repairs can increase your home's value?

HomeGain’s Home Sale Maximizer™ Online Home Improvement Tool is now available here at my blog.

Use this tool to determine which home improvements to make, the average cost, the expected increase in your home's value, and the calculated return on investment.

Look for this symbol to take you there.

Which repairs can increase your home's value?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Seller Tips

Kitchens and Baths Sell Houses

Any real estate agent will tell you that kitchens and baths sell houses. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress your buyers. Make staging your kitchen and bath a top priority.

Part 1 of 2: Kitchen Staging Tips

Heart of the Home

A kitchen facelift helped sell this home in less than 3 months after it had previously lingered on the market for over 9. The techniques utilized here are easily adapted to your kitchen. The goals – present this space as clean, bright, spacious, and updated.

This kitchen had good bones. The cabinets were well made, appliances in excellent condition, and the floor and counters were a neutral white.

Even though the kitchen had ample lighting the seller complained the room had always been dark. This problem was easily fixed by removing the busy – and highly personal – wallpaper. A light and bright space had been hiding underneath all along.

Additionally, the leaf was removed from the table, all under cabinet appliances eliminated, counters decluttered, cabinet hardware updated, the chipped faucet replaced, cabinets polished, and the major appliances cleaned – inside and out – to look like new.

Knowing potential home buyers look inside cabinets, fifty percent of the contents were removed, and the rest neatly organized.

And the most important tip – clean sells. This applies to all spaces in your home, but especially kitchens and baths. Detail every inch of your kitchen like it was an expensive sports car.

A kitchen staging like this takes more elbow grease than money. The only costs were for a new faucet, cabinet hardware, and paint. Amaze yourself, your agent and your buyers. Infuse a little home staging to win over the hearts of house hunters.



Read Part 2 – Bathroom Staging Tips

Friday, March 6, 2009

For the Real Estate Professional

Extreme Home Staging

Ever instruct a home seller on staging their home but they take it to the extreme?

True story. An agent advised his sellers to declutter. He specifically directed them to keep essential pieces of furniture in each room – even though it was an estate.

So what did the ambitious home sellers do? You guessed it. They emptied the house completely. Decluttering taken to the extreme.

Consequently, the home took much longer to sell than necessary. Has this ever happened to you?

Avoid this situation. AtWell Staged Home will spend the time to explain and show home sellers exactly what to do. And we’re available after the consultation, by phone, email, or to handle more projects.

It’s never too much or too little. With AtWell Staged Home it’s always just right.