Thursday, January 1, 2009

Home Seller Tips

Six Tips to Maximize Your Home Staging Dollar

Think you can’t afford to hire a professional home stager? Think again. In today’s market, you can’t afford not to.
  1. Interview the stager by phone. The stager will explain the process and gather needed information about your property before you meet.
  2. Email your listing to the stager. First impressions start on the Internet. Staging will bring out your home’s best features – in person and on the Web.
  3. Start with a home staging consultation. Sometimes referred to as a “working” consultation, these meetings generally last 2-4 hours. During that time, the stager walks through your home with the critical eye of a potential home buyer, proposing design and decorating modifications that are unique to your space.
  4. Take your own notes. During the consultation allow the stager to focus solely on dispensing advice. This will save both time and money.
  5. Prioritize your notes at the end of the meeting. The stager will ensure that you concentrate on the tasks that give you the most bang for your staging buck.
  6. Do the work yourself. Let the home stager know your skill set, budget and time frame, before the consultation. Armed with this information, the stager will make cost effective recommendations you can do yourself.
Contact your home stager anytime after the consultation for clarifications or quotes on additional services.

For the Real Estate Professional

Staging: The New Rule

As a real estate professional, you know that staged homes sell faster and for more money. But how do you pass that message along to your clients, and more important, have them act on it?

Educate your clients on the importance of showcasing their home. Explain that in a buyer’s market, and with inventories so high, sellers must take that extra step to make their home stand out from the rest.

Reinforce the message. Why? Because staging is a new concept for most sellers. Whenever the opportunity allows, repeat the message that sellers who do the work for the buyer, will get the quickest sale.

Make staging your new standard. How? Add articles, links and information to your web site touting not just the benefits of staging but how to do it. For those seeking professional help, have a home stager referral list. Offer a 2-3 hour consultation with a home stager as part of your marketing plan. Or offer money back at closing to clients who work with a professional stager.

The goal is to make staging the rule, not the exception. An investment in staging – by the client or yourself – will be returned at closing in the form of a quicker sale and a higher price.

Services Center

Make Your House Memorable to Home Buyers

AtWell Staged Home ensures that your home is remembered for its features not its flaws.

Did you ever notice that house hunters often refer back to a home by its most prominent characteristic? And how often is that characteristic something less than desirable, like an awful pet odor, that 70s kitchen, or the dirty bathroom? Wouldn’t it be nice if they left remembering the good and not the bad?

AtWell Staged Home directs the buyer’s eye to a home’s best features. By accentuating the positives and playing down the negatives, we make your home memorable, for all the right reasons.